Exhibitions and other Paraphernalia



I have been selected by the Committee of Mary Valley Art Festival to paint one of the 20 plinths for their collaborative exhibition!

The exhibition will form part of Mary Valley Art Festival celebrating 20 years of showcasing the art in the Mary Valley.  Included in the exhibition will be a refreshed 2010 collection of art work, the newly painted 20 plinths, accompanied by a publication. The exhibition will be unveiled on the opening night of the festival on Friday 23rd July, 2021. 

The exhibition will be offered to the Gympie Regional Gallery for exhibiting, as well as other regional galleries.

The publication which features each individual contribution will also travel with the exhibition and will be for sale on opening night as well as at each exhibition. All proceeds from the sales will be applied to hosting future Mary Valley Artslink exhibitions and events.

AMAMA    oils and cold wax medium

I have wandered many times through the Amama Rainforest, Amamoor.   Just being there and paying attention allows me the space to relax, to open interiorly and to gather together my fragmented self.

There’s a quiet but keenly alive presence, the light peeping through the shadowy forest.  The soft, rich earthy aromas seep into my body. And breathing spaces allow me to listen inwardly.

I’m drawn to the textures, the muted colours and patterns of the trees. AMAMA aims to evoke the sensations of BEING in the natural forest, using my abstract language drawn from this external imagery and my own experiences of the place.

I hope you might be enticed to also wander in the depths of Amama Forest. It can teach us how to be in a world of ‘busyness’.  As in any place of natural beauty, slowness and stillness gradually take us over, our breathing deepens, our hard edges soften and our difficulties subside for a time. And perhaps new perspectives may arise.

WHAT LIES BENEATH...salt mag.jpg


SALT MAGAZINE, Noosa features my arts practice in their  Autumn 2021 edition.  Get a FREE copy on the Sunshine Coast to read about my process, my passion and my paintings.



The ‘Duets: collaborations in creativity’ initiative has been established by Creative Arts Gympie Region Inc with funding from Arts Queensland’s Creative To Go program. The aim is provide paid opportunities for artists and creatives of the Gympie region, as per the intent of the funding, and also to stretch, inspire and connect artists in our region – learning from each other to create new work.
I have been paired with Susan Lynch, a ceramicist working in earthenware.
Stay tuned to hear and see how we collaborate. 
The project will culminate in an exhibition at Gympie Regional Gallery in November 2021.

Out of the Solitude 2_detail1.JPG




The exhibition opened on Friday March 14, 2020 in Brisbane. Covid 19 had just bared its teeth and the usually bustling West End was bereft of people.  A handful of faithfuls showed up and we had a good night, albeit socially distanced.  Then Fish Lane Studios, like everyone else had to lock down, and slow down.

Ironically, the SLOW TIME exhibition spoke to this eventuality. It was a series of quiet introspective paintings that I had made in the months prior to Covid, addressing my perceived need to slow down, be still and create more space in my life.

And to be aware of the seduction of distractions, 'busyness' and filling the spaces.

For me, the exhibition was a timely reminder. Covid 19 provided the opportunity of solitude, space and silence to regenerate and turn inward.

Light of Hope.JPG

20 MARCH - 24 APRIL 2021

During 2020, the Covid 19 isolation year, I relished the quiet time spent beside our creek in the bush, drawing with quick gestural juicy marks, then later tearing and reconstructing these drawings as collage, to create new abstract landscape works.  The process was so satisfying and the work seemed filled with life.

This led to the urge to allow the raw, bold, untidy and risky marks to be on the surface of my oil and cold wax paintings rather than covered up, as in my earlier paintings.  I love the immediacy of direct mark-making and the fresh energy it evokes, so why did I want to tame it?

I’m deeply interested in the complex entanglement between the creative process and the spiritual path. My paintings can be seen as internal landscapes.  My inner life and states of being are entwined with memories of external landscape imagery and these are expressed intuitively in the process of a painting.

It seems to me that I’m learning to allow my vulnerabilities and my contradictions, in some way, to be exposed through my work. I want the new paintings to have a vitality – not a wild, chaotic energy but an inner life force, a bit like a single green shoot emerging from the ground, embodying so much potential.  But I also want a firm scaffolding and a sense of depth and mystery underpinning that immediacy.  It’s one of those both/and situations.