Kym is a qualified teacher with decades of experience teaching adults in workshop situations. 

Her passion is in working one-on-one with committed artists, to help them discover their own personal voice and to urge them forward in their art journey, regardless of their chosen media.

images credit: Molly Hanrahan Photography

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My main focus in teaching is in fostering an atmosphere of open exploration, risk and discovery...”


 JULY 24/25 2021

For the committed 2d artist who wants to dig deeper into the WHY they create WHAT they create. Not so much the HOW.
What gives you joy? What are your obstacles, the things holding you back?
There will be reflection exercises, and writing and bringing/collecting images to help identify a way forward that is focussed.
Practical hands-on quick painting/drawing exercises. Not anything requiring a big outcome!
Emphasis on the PROCESS.
Individual mentoring. One-on-one time. Private critiqueing of work.
Artist would work in their own chosen media.

My aim is to support and help to guide the individual to find their unique path (and if they already have, to hone it even further) and give them strategies to continue on to create work that is truly theirs.



'Fantastic workshop.  Definitely stepped out of my comfort zone, but most importantly learning to appreciate my uniqueness and personal voice.' (Kirsty, ABSTRACTING THE LANDSCAPE, 2020)

'Great workshop. Tips and techniques and loosening up.  Mindfulness and Creativity - loved it!  Can definitely see me using the approaches and techniques to explore more.' (Michelle, ABSTRACTING THE LANDSCAPE, 2020)

'Absolutely fabulous. Kym is a great facilitator and I enjoyed every minute.  Thankyou.' (Cheryl, 2020)

'Great liberating workshop! Has given me the courage to step beyond my comfort zone and embrace the opportunities that come with letting go!  Plenty of one-on-one time with Kym in an enjoyable and supportive environment.' (Caroline, 2020)